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My Goals As An Artist

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own.” 

~Mark Victor Hansen

a person drawing over a light pad

You’ve heard of vision boards, and bucket lists, and the law of attraction. These forms of manifestation are nothing new and have been a way for people to visualize and work towards their goals. This year I decided that it’s time I truly put it my goals as an artist out into the universe, aka the internet.

While this post is more personalized towards my own art goals, I hope you find some inspiration for you to come up with your own, or enjoy coming along for the ride. Now onto the art goals!

  1. -I currently have two in the works! One is a short comic based on Greek mythology, and the other I’m thinking could be more of a graphic novel. 

  2. -This is more to remake a short animation from college and go more in detail to what I originally hoped for. Alternatively, I’m not opposed to creating something entirely new. 

  3. -I think it’d be cool to get to a point where this feels like a reward for all of the time, effort and dedication I’ve put into my art. This will probably be much later down the road. 

  4. -I have numerous stories that I want to eventually publish, but I think a book with illustrations to accompany it, and that's aimed at an adult audience would be so cool! Us adults want illustrations in our books too!

  5. -This has been something I have wanted to do since college. I personally think it would be so helpful for me to focus on my art, and explore new things,. And a bonus, also make some more art friends!

  6. -This is one of my more long term ongoing projects. I started my business, Daystar Illustration, for real in 2023. Since then I’ve started attending convention, craft and vendor fairs, as well as taking on commissioned work here and there. I started with just a handful of single sized prints, but now I have some seasonal greeting cards, and a smaller print size, and am developing stickers! And apparently now an art blog too! I’ve already accepted the fact that I need multiple income streams in order to make ends meet without my day job, and blogging is something that I have found to be less time consuming than video content for me. 

  7. -This totally seems daunting, but I think it’s a great way to practice my rusty animation skills, and get better at consistency with drawing. I’m a 2D animation girly, and consistency is a big thing I want to improve with this.

  8. -Watercolor and gauche painting have been a medium and skill that I am 1. afraid of, and 2. very intrigued by! I’m totally envious of the artists who work in these mediums and would love to add it to my skillset as an artist. 

  9. -I know. I have a similar item on this list already, but I would want to do this as a collaboration project, and create it for a younger audience.

  10. -So this one is technically in the works, I’ve created 2 covers for an ongoing series that a friend is writing. But I’d like to create some more aligned with my current drawing style. In general I'd like to take on more book cover design projects.

  11. -One of my dreams back in the day was to become a tattoo artist, but the stigma that my family surrounded it with impacted my decision to pursue that avenue early on. Now that I live a more independent life, and have more support for my art, I feel like I could pursue it at a time when it works better financially and schedule wise.

  12. -When I say this, I don’t mean any of the products that I’ve created so far, I more mean more like inside jokes, apparel, tote bags. Things that have another purpose other than being art. (I suppose greeting cards might fall into that, but I won’t count them because they are usually single use items)

I’m sure as time goes on, I’ll check some off of my list and add more, but for now, these are my current overall art goals. I hope you gained some insight to how I want my art career to go, and are inspired to create you own goals.


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